College student thinks speaking in tongues is vital to Christian living, part 4

John 14:12-14 This passage says we will greater things then what Jesus was even doing. It also says ask anything in His name and we will receive it. He didn’t say some things. He said ANYTHING as long as it brings glory to the father. If we are in his will that means ANYTHING!

I agree. The position of Christ as intercessor makes the prayers of saints powerful.

We minimize and say,” Well, no that’s only for then, or that’s only available to some people.” No! I have the power in me to heal the sick, and raise the dead. If the Holy Spirit is a gift then why would the father withhold some of His attributes from certain people? He says if you on earth know how to give good gifts to your children then how much more is the father willing to give the Holy Spirit to those who ask. But we have to ask. If we received it all at repentance why would we have to ask? God doesn’t just give us some of the Holy Spirit he wants to give us all but too many times we are unwilling to ask.
Luke 11:13 is also talking about prayer. The Spirit is “given” when God answers prayer, but this has nothing to do with tongues.

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