Submit Yourselves for the Lord's Sake

     Did you hear why Bill Clinton voted for President Obama?

     You're waiting for the punchline, aren't you? Isn't that what you expect from a white, pro-life fundy with a blog? But you will not get that here. Not anymore, that is.

     I have been very guilty at times of enjoying and passing on ridicule of those in authority over me. Like other forms of gossip it's always more fun to pass the stories if you don't like the person who is the butt of the joke. I like to believe bad things about my rivals because I feel it excuses me from the work of dealing with the issues over which we disagree.

     “He has to be wrong on immigration because everybody knows he's not even a natural born citizen.” “Sure, he appears to have a good home life, but that just can’t be true if belongs to the party of anything-goes lifestyles.” And so on.

     Do you really want this president to fail? Would that give your party a better chance next time?

     Have you ever wondered why David didn't take King Saul out when he had the chance (1 Samuel 24)--why he even felt guilty for touching his cloak--why as king he executed those who killed (or claimed to have killed) his rival rulers while he spared those who were loyal to his enemies (Read about “the Amalekite,” Abner, Joab, Ish-Bosheth and Recab and Baanah.)?

     David had a different way of viewing authority--different from most of us but not different from God. Scripture said (Exodus 22:28), "You shall not curse God, nor curse a ruler of your people." Paul later invoked this text to confess his error at his creative but cutting rebuke of the High Priest (Acts 23:5). So David, the man who thought God's thoughts after Him, would not lift his hand against the ruler. He knew these things about friends and enemies:

·         Real enemies are the ones who have no regard for authority no matter what “team” they are on.

·         Some people on “the other team” may eventually become your friends.

·         Some people on “your team” may eventually become your enemies.

     I very much disagree with this president on some of the most fundamental issues of life, but I pray for the success of his presidency. I am thankful for the right of public dissent in this great nation and plan to vigorously exercise that right, but I find myself on a different team from those who belittle him or wish him ill. Can you verbalize these words with me, "Barack Hussein Obama is God's man of the hour for the United States"? If you cannot, we need to have a Bible study.


  1. I agree with your premise, however, it seems that some (most?) are not concerned about Mr. Obama's policy or philosophy but seem focused on his race as a determinative factor. See the most recent post by Thabiti Anyabwile. It reads almost giddy. I'm about as optimistic as Jeremiah but I will continue to pray for our nation and God's intervention in our new president's life and actions. God's people sometimes get what they deserve.

  2. Maybe this is our opportunity to communicate to the "giddy" and the rebellious in our nation that our King even puts people like Pharaoh, Nebuchadnezzar and Nero in office to accomplish what He pleases (Daniel 4:35).

  3. ...and while we're on the subject of "race" we are also in a position to communicate that there is only one race: Adam's.


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