This One Isn't Mine

I recently came across a church covenant from a vibrant inner-city ministry that is worthy of a close look:

I, _______________ commit to:

  1. Living a life of faith in Jesus Christ, and obedience to the Great Commission. This means that I will live a lifestyle of discipleship and outreach.
  2. Pursuing (engaging in) biblical literacy and practice. This means I will study, learn, and apply the Bible to my life.
  3. Setting myself apart by giving a "holy apathy" to any cultural trends which are not conducive to reflecting God's righteousness, holiness, magnificence and value to this world.
  4. Learning history in order to understand and overcome the world and societal issues which marginalize my existence, sear my conscience and destroy my character.
  5. Giving regular and creative thought as to ways in which to establish and perpetrate a justice-oriented, biblical, collective conscience, among the men, women and children of my generation.
  6. Responding biblically to any trials or adversity which encroach upon my life.

These statements are carefully supported with Scripture. As God gives the gift of regeneration to His elect on the east side of St. Paul, this lifestyle cannot help but bring hope to the inner city.

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  1. Wow, how many of us do you suppose could sign that?


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