Finding Hope (or Ruin) in Becoming What We Worship

Brent Aucoin spent his teaching time during the first session looking at the crowd to whom Isaiah prophesied. Idolatry makes us blind to the identity of the living God, deaf to His words, mute to praise Him. When Isaiah was brought low he saw the Holy One (Isaiah 6).

The lesson here identifies the fundamental problem involved when we have trouble in our homes, with our volatile emotions or in our relational struggles. Our trouble is that we seek delight in getting what we want. This is functional idolatry. We think we will find satisfaction in getting what we want when in truth what we want blinds us to what we need the most. 

Isaiah spent a lot of time pointing out that there is only one place to turn in your idolatry (Isaiah 6:1-11; 1:27-31; 2:12, 17-18; 5:13; 43:8, 10; 42:18-20). 

Profound, huh?

"We resemble what we revere, either for ruin or restoration." -G.K. Beale

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