Haiti Bible Institute 2011.01: First Day Ramblings

After a couple hours of sleep, I caught a shuttle bus from our motel to the airport. I arrived at MSP around 3:30 a.m., courtesy of the son of an native Indian who escaped from Uganda to the US. It’s interesting what you learn on a short ride when you are the only passenger.

From my reading while waiting for my flight from MSP:
When Christ is supplanted, whatever replaces him will usually allow us to remain in control, independent of him. When this occurs, churches become unwelcoming toward struggling people. They become places where like-minded, well-adjusted people pat themselves on the back for how well they are doing. The church loses its ability to help people grow in the joys of daily repentance and faith while rejoicing in Christ. –How People Change, Timothy S. Lane & Paul David Tripp, p. 215 
We arrived in Miami around 9:20 a.m. (CDT) and I got some “breakfast” at Wendy’s and wandered around making necessary phone calls and texts before heading to no-phone-land.

Our flight to Port-au-Prince was about 1½ hours. I got to have a seat right by the exit and the first class passengers…leg room! We landed about 2:45 p.m. (same as home) and all of us "important" (pronounce that blessed) people at the front of the plane got through immigration quite quickly by Haitian standards. We had a predictable power outage that made everything dark and stopped the conveyor belts, but I found my stuff about ten minutes after passing through immigration.

After saying, “Non!” to all sorts of nice fellows who wanted to carry my bags and give me taxi rides, I met Dr. Jim Bearss and a driver.

Then we drove through the take-your-life-in-hands streets seeing the encouragement of a lot of new construction, including a brand new Haiti version of a Home Depot! On the down side, there are banners all over town bearing the nickname of the newly-returned-former-priest-turned-leftist-dictator Jean-Bertrand Aristide as if he were running for president. Oddly, results of the real election are to be released this Thursday--the first day of classes for Haiti Bible Institute.

I’ll talk more about the guest house and the school later. It’s dark and I’m a bit weary.

What God does is good because He is good (Psalm 119:67-68).

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