Haiti Bible Institute 2011.08: Mick Jagger Didn't Know Where to Look for It

This about the 27th morning of my life I have awaked on Haitian soil and this is the first time I could honestly use the adjective “cool” describe the temperature at sunrise. It must have been down in the mid 60’s and it felt great.

I have given up on predicting when there will be power. I am thankful no one is dependent on my blog for their well-being. I am also thankful for the joy God gives me when I get to teach and interact with these men.

Today while we were working on a case study we were talking about what makes good counseling homework. They are great at finding lots of Bible verses, but I am teaching them how to help people put the Bible into practice. The James 1:22 word for “doers” in their Bible is “practique.” One example is not simply asking a person to memorize a text. One good idea is to write down several times they were tempted to continue a sinful habit but chose instead to consider that Jesus died to deliver His people from such things. A good text to consider is:
The LORD sustains all who fall
         And raises up all who are bowed down.
    The eyes of all look to You,
         And You give them their food in due time.
    You open Your hand
         And satisfy the desire of every living thing. Psalm 145:14-16
From pornography addiction to anger, we point people to the lies they believe about where to find satisfaction and then to the only place the redeemed can get it. Remember that this is not “lie-down-on-the-couch-and-tell-me-why-you-hate-your-mother” counseling. It is Christian disciple-making in real time. 

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