Haiti Bible Institute, March 19, 2013 (Installment Seven)

Ernst is enjoying his education.
We've reached he mountaintop of Romans. I knew I would need to devote extra time to chapters eight and nine, so I did. Do you need a review? The story of the Bible is not about great people who achieved great things for God. It is about a great God. Period.

When you see God as He is you see yourself as the rebel you are. So the shocking truth is not that God would allow rebels to reap the consequences of their rebellion but that God would dare spare anyone. After establishing that, the discussion of election and predestination is no longer controversial.

And speaking of mountains, I have not yet described the food. We have plenty. The students, like their teachers, very much enjoy eating although our preferences differ. We all eat at the same time and standard Haitian fare almost always has variations on beans and rice. Fresh fruit and vegetables are pretty much always in season here, so we have healthy choices. Our cooks have been gracious enough to include what they consider "American food" like frozen pizza on the "teacher table." We brought our own coffee, because we have found it impossible to find the good Haitian stuff.

I finished my First Corinthians study for RLBC yesterday, so I can give my non-teaching time to other important pastoral concerns (among them finalizing my NCAA bracket).

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