Haiti Bible Institute, February 24, 2014

I am always in my element when I get to teach through books of the Bible, but practical theology has to run a close second. The course I am teaching now (Introduction to Biblical Counseling) takes biblical theology and the analytical content of the Scriptures and answers the question: What does this look like in real time?

To know people is to know heartache and trouble. Either you have trouble or you know someone with trouble or both. Everyone tries to interpret trouble and find solutions. Do you know what that solution-seeking makes you? A counselor. Particularly if you are a follower of Christ, you need not ask if you are a counselor. You should ask if the counsel you give is based on what is timeless and reliable.

A biblical counselor, like any counselor, is going to start from a foundation (epistemology). We all start with certain presuppositions regarding what we believe to be true. For instance, if I believe you are essentially chemical I will look at trouble and solutions very differently than if I believe you are an eternal being created in the image of God and living in a sin-cursed world. 

Essentially Biblical Counseling is Christian Disciple-making. So with a different set of glasses (a biblical worldview) I am seeking to help these men offer their people hope and change. They have been very active learners so far.

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