Haiti Bible Institute, February 26, 2014

It is test day. We enjoyed an hour-and-a-half study session until 9:30 last night. We finished course material, addressed questions about church problems and ate snacks that were lovingly packed by my daughter Rachel.

Most of the students were so tuned in during this class that I expect to see a lot of A's and B's on the written examination. I hope to conserve the red ink in my correcting pen (although I do not think red marks on paper damage their fragile souls).

Since this is my last post from Haiti for this year I am reviewing the highlights of the trip. As much as I am longing for home I still have some great joys here.
  • I like it when I sit in my room with the door open (a lot of the time) and guys stop in just to chat (and I jokingly say "Je ne parle pas Francais!").
  • I like it when engaged students ask such good questions that I know they "get it."
  • I like it when my teaching brings me to re-visit my own sins and weaknesses as I tell the guys that the best disciple-maker is himself a disciple.
  • I like it when men ask to speak with me in private through a translator about personal struggles brought to light by the teaching here.
  • I like it when men who respect me as a teacher can still consider me their friend.
I must visit FLL, ORD and MSP before I get to see my sweetheart and all the little Svendsens. I'm ready.

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  1. Have a safe trip home. Warning it is cold here :)


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