Haiti Bible Institute, February 11, 2015

The photo at the right is the classroom where I began to teach Hebrews today. The room serves us very well, tucked away in a corner on the top floor of the hotel. Only one of the 19 students (my translator) serves as a senior pastor. The rest are training as church planters, serving in their churches and supporting their families.

The men have to agree to use the material they learn here to train others as a condition of continuing in the school. I love hearing that my notes or Bible commentaries are being put to good use. I also enjoy reports that Biblical Counseling principles taught at HBI are getting applied in homes and churches.

We got off schedule today in Hebrews. We got to chapter two and some stumbled at the idea that Jesus died to "bring" "many" sons to glory. I have the late class tonight, so we will be seeking to answer the question about whether or not the death of Christ actually did something for those for whom it was intended. I hope to ask if it was ever God's intent to save everyone and, if so, to ask if it was a failed mission. Detours are valuable when they lead to getting the gospel right.

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