"God is never late but He is very seldom early."

Today our track includes sessions on:

  • Understanding the Drug Culture (Heather Starkweather)
  • Pitfalls to Avoid & Practices to Advance in Parenting (Stuart Scott)
  • Biblical Counseling and the Person of Christ (Steve Viars)
  • Counsel from the Cross (Elyse Fitzpatrick)
  • Lost in the Middle (Paul Tripp)

Last night we had a plenary session with a masterful handling of Acts 12 by James MacDonald. He used the narrative to illustrate what other texts of Scripture teach propositionally about the sovereignty of God. This is the story of the martyrdom of James the apostle, Herod Agrippa's arrest of Peter, the prayer meeting at the home of the mother of James (and John), the angelic springing of Peter from prison, the humorous greeting of Rhoda, and the gruesome death of Herod.

He pointed out the tense moments of the text when it appeared that God was not giving His people what they needed. Sharing personal stories of his own cancer, rebellious daughter and recent ministry heartaches, MacDonald shared how the sovereignty of God has become more than a theoretical concept to him in recent years. He called us to cling, even in our grief, to the absolute control and good purposes of God. Pastor MacDonald said, "God is never late but He is very seldom early."

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