Hard is not bad...

Classes started today. I am teaching two courses to pastors, the first being a second track of Biblical Counseling (I did the introductory class last year). Today we started with the life of Joseph as a historical example that puts the sovereignty of God into shoe leather. It should come as no surprise that these men are serving people tempted to view life as a bunch of random events occasionally changed by human ingenuity. That worldview pales next to the one with God in absolute control over every molecule in the universe and man as a responsible moral agent being used as one means to accomplish His will. In French, they learned what I have been taught: “Hard is not bad. Hard is just hard.”

Adventure report: So I said yesterday that I got to go to three of the four My Father’s House orphanages. This is a ministry worthy of your support. Here is a link to Wordsower International. I was swarmed with little girls as soon as I got in the gate of the girls’ home (just like my place but in larger numbers). At the boys homes I got swarmed too, but young bucks hold off the approach until they think it’s safe. It took all of five minutes for them to figure I was a safe hug.

I am in a less dangerous neighborhood this year by human standards, so I got to walk down the street, greet students as they arrived and even help push a stalled dump truck. Mom, the motorcycle in the busy street that had to slam on its brakes as I walked away from the dump truck wasn’t really that close. Really.

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