Haiti Bible Institute 2011.05: Eat Like a Haitian

I was encouraged to prepare for the microscopic critter variation in Haiti by starting a regimen of probiotics a couple months before traveling here. I can say that so far I feel great even with a little adventurous eating. The last two years were not so pleasant digestively.

The food has been memorable. Before the students arrived we had a meal that included two whole fish on a platter. I know you pay big bucks for that in the US, but I don’t usually go to those establishments. It was honestly tasty, but my thought bubble had the fish being caught in the polluted bay next to the city. Spaghetti cooked with garlic and topped with onions, hot dogs and ketchup is breakfast food here (tasty, but I skipped the ketchup). I am starting to enjoy the five-alarm cole slaw, made with shredded carrots, cabbage and habanero peppers. Bananas can be fried, boiled or eaten fresh. We have been served all three. Cooked unripe bananas taste like boiled potatoes. Last night we were served corn grits with anise flavoring.

I have finished presenting the material that will be on the Synoptics exam so I can focus more on delivering messages from the life of Jesus. Dr. Bearss has told me that while this program requires a heavy load of academics, our job is also to model the practical delivery of what you know. The men will get no homiletics (preparing sermons) class during their four-year training. So for the rest of my sessions I am going to deliver in sermon form some of the highlights of the synoptics. If you know me you know that I am looking forward to those sessions.

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