Haiti Bible Institute, Saturday, April 14, 2012

Discussion group: Homework for a man trapped in addictions
Today is already final exam day for the first two modules. I am actually ahead of schedule in my material. During our Q & A time last night one of the pastors asked if it is a good idea to counsel people before they are married. Some of you know me well enough to laugh at that question (especially those who have sat through 6-20 weeks of premarital counseling with me). I arranged my material so I could devote two hours to premarital counseling. That should have been part of the course all along. I am resolved to get that fixed before the next batch of students begins their four-year trek. These are the topics we discussed (my PMC outline):

  • The Purpose of Marriage
  • The Sacredness of Vows (What if he/she doesn’t uphold his/her end?)
  • Biblical Communication: How to Have a Good Fight
  • Finances
  • The Importance of the Local Church
  • Biblical Parenting
  • The Wedding Ceremony
  • The Sexual Relationship
It’s also good for the married men (including their instructor) to review what it looks like to represent Jesus as the servant-provider-shepherd-pursuer-rescuer to their wives. “Complementarian” homes may sometimes look like battlegrounds, but the rules of engagement bring resolution. History bears out the truth that good leaders give themselves for those they lead. What wife can resist that kind of leadership?
When the Titanic sank 20% of the men and 74% of the women survived. That profound virtue was not nurtured by egalitarianism. –John Piper

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