Haiti Bible Institute, Friday, April 13, 2012

When you talk about Haitian food, eclectic is the word. I am not complaining. I like adventures. Variety has been on the menu this week. For breakfasts we have had white toast with ham-flavored Laughing Cow brand cream cheese, fish and vegetable soup (tomato based), cooked carrots, potatoes, bananas, a variety of fruit and a good selection of condiments (see photo from today’s breakfast). Spaghetti or eggs served up with sliced hotdogs are also considered breakfast food.
The mid-day meal is always the big one. Beans, rice and chicken are traditional staples (with Tabasco and vegetable broth). At one meal we were served delicious lasagna alongside an unidentified roasted meat that tasted like beef. Supper here is a snack of whatever you did not eat during the massive noon meal. I am thankful that this year we are right next to the students for meals so we can interact.
I just learned today that our cook is the wife of Pastor Predestin (he is one of our students and the administrator of the school and My Father’s House). She has gone out of her way to set a special table for the teachers with a tablecloth and nice dishes. As I am writing this, she came to my door with a pot of hot tea made with fresh herbs.
Today’s course agenda includes a discussion of helping people who have life-dominating sins. I intend to point out that these “addictions” bleed into every area of life and that total life re-structuring rather than compartmental tweaks are essential. The men have been very animated by our discussions and my translator is starting to figure out when I am being sarcastic (my love language).
I finish teaching early today (7:45 p.m.) and hope to video Skype with Sarah and the kids if we have electricity. Below is another gem from Crazy Love:
Pride tells you that you’ve sacrificed more than others. Fear tells you it’s time to worry about the future. Friends say you’ve given enough, that it’s someone else’s turn now. But Jesus says to keep on and you will see more of God [Malachi 3:10]. –Francis Chan

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