Haiti Bible Institute, Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I know what the roar was last night. I thought it was just the rain. Turns out a river decided to come down the mountain and enter our compound though the car gate. It even bore gifts (see photo). There have been a number of these downpours in the area recently. It almost always rains at night here, but some recent mudslides have been deadly.
I spent the morning visiting three homes for orphan children collectively called “My Father’s House.” Our church supports this ministry financially and you can as well (Wordsower International). Special thanks to those seamstresses who made beautiful clothing and all the children who sent Hot Wheels, friendship bracelets and other goodies. I haven’t been so popular since Mom tied a pork chop around my neck to get the dog to like me : )
Another organization worthy of your support is OnTarget Ministry. You might pray for an extra measure of the Spirit’s power on Dr. Jim Bearss, the ministry’s president and principal instructor. He just finished training pastoral students in Lebanon and Egypt and essentially swapped suitcases with his wife this morning in Florida on the way to Haiti. Because of a scheduling matter hasn’t been home in a month with the exception of a brief stop in the middle of last night. Jim, if you’re reading this, take a nap.

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