Haiti Bible Institute, March 13, 2013 (Installment One)

Sorry for the blur, but this is the well RLBC helped finance. 
I will attempt to give daily highlights of the ministry here. Facebook friends may get a few more details through pictures.

I arrived without serious incident yesterday. When the plane touched down at PAP I noticed the man beside me and a lady ahead of me with their hands in the air. I realized that they were quietly blessing the Lord (lips moving) for the safe trip I took for granted. Humbled.

The airport is really starting to look like a real international airport (which it did not, IMHO, even before the earthquake). A guy met me me with a file folder on which was written "Steve." He spoke no English and I speak as little French or Creole, but I concluded he wasn't the guy. My ride was late, so I got to sit in the sunshine and read Voddie Baucham's What He Must Be If He Wants to Marry My Daughter.

After settling in at the guest house and catching a little nap to make up for Miami (some of you know that story), I got to visit the new home for the boys of My Father's House orphanage and deliver a little cash the people of Rice Lake Baptist Church sent. It was very good to see that the boys have space to be boys on property that is owned by the orphanage. I hope to visit the girls on Friday. I already sent over to the girls some clothes purchased by our church people and dresses made by my daughter.

I had my first experience being out on the streets (in a truck) after dark on the way back from MFH. I gets really dark in neighborhoods that have no street lights. Apparently it's no big deal here if you ride a motorcycle after dark with no headlights.

Today the students arrive. I have seventeen hours in four days to teach James and then another seventeen to teach Romans. I am excited to make twenty new friends.

The weather is very "Florida" so far--no tropical humidity and lotsa sunshine. We have also had not one power outage since I arrived. This is not the Haiti I am used to.

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