Haiti Bible Institute, Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Exam day!

Mumbling could be heard around 4:30 a.m. around the building as students rose early to work on mastering the material that will be on the final exam for Hebrews. The mumbling was rote memory work. The final exam includes a statement that they have read the thirteen-chapter letter four times. A matching exercise puts the theme I assigned to each chapter with the chapter number. Then a fill-in-the-blank section will test and see if the students have adequately memorized the key verse(s) of each chapter. They are sweating it and I do not feel guilty. I am glad because my job is to prepare them to teach their flock this inspiredinerrantauthoritative letter (all three terms are necessary descriptions in a postmodern theological context).

There is an exit strategy in place if God wills it. My plane is scheduled to leave Port-au-Prince tomorrow at 9:20 a.m. EDT. After stops in Fort Lauderdale and Dallas I am scheduled to arrive at MSP at 8:10 p.m. There I have to kill time while I wait for my chauffeurs (four of my children), who will be at the Switchfoot concert in Arden Hills. If you stop past the baggage claim at MSP tomorrow night, I’m the great big Danish guy looking bored and reading Hunger Games. I think I’d rather listen to Jon Foreman. My lovely bride and my little people will likely be sleeping when I finally get home.
Sunday at RLBC I am prepared (been working here, you know) to present the highly relevant biblical doctrine of the Trinity to our people. If that sounds boring you should probably join us Sunday.
One last Francis Chan quote:
With the American church being so concerned about converts, we don’t take the time to present the God-centered universe to people. We don’t try to dig deep into the truth of God. We need to learn the attributes of God before we know what He is like. Crazy Love, p. 181
Woody Salomon sweating the Hebrews final

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