Haiti Bible Institute, March 16, 2013 (Installment Four)

As planned I made it to the girls' home of My Father's House yesterday. I stayed just a short time so I could look at the property, get lots of pictures to take home and to get lots of little girl hugs. I also thanked the ladies who do all the work at the orphanage. We send money (and should continue), but they are entrusted to care for little ones. Here is an impromptu choir I caught on video.

Back at HBI my goal is to memorize the names of the students so I can address them properly. Two challenges: (1) Names here are hard to pronounce and (2) some people go by their first name while some go by their last. I created a seating chart so I can call on Meme and Rosny and Azor and Ansy and Prophete and...

A little cultural question came up in class when we were discussing how James four and five tells the rich man his life will not last long. Not knowing Haitian funeral culture I tried to get my translator to communicate our American sentiment, "You'll never see a U-Haul being pulled by a hearse." They understood and told me that their burial customs are like ours.

So yesterday I saw an actual funeral procession. Some of the mourners rode in the back of a pickup. Others walked on and next to the busy street. The hearse contained a big bass drum as well as the casket. The driver was trying to enter an intersection in heavy traffic. Cars were cutting him off and refusing to yield. I had to think, Not quite like ours.

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