National Day of Prayer: Prayer for the Media

Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things. Philippians 4:8, ESV

You do not have to watch the news, read the newspaper or scroll through an online news source for long to realize that this world is pretty messed up. If you try to avoid the news, the alternatives in entertainment or even sports media are offering up a diet that is often less than wholesome.

For example, the murder trial of a physician in Philadelphia accused of infanticide and horrific medical practices went largely ignored in the mainstream media until recently, it appears, because many consider abortion a political issue rather than a moral one. Both conservative and liberal news websites lure the public with sexually charged headlines and pictures. Athletic news is peppered with off-the-field scandals and controversy. And then there is Hollywood…

Question 1: The public often blames the media for feeding us objectionable material and the media often blames the public by telling us “We’re only giving you that because that is what you are willing to buy.” Which is true?

Question 2: Many of us would like to see change. Is transformation of the media and the culture possible without transformation of ourselves?

Question 3: How much responsibility do you take for this? People who pray like Daniel not only own their personal sins but also those of their culture as a whole.

Father in heaven,

You are the Holy One. You are Truth in a person. You have given us many gifts but we have squandered them. You created us in Your image but we have marred it. We have worshipped and served the creature rather than our blessed Creator. 

The various media from which we gather information and receive entertainment shows us how far we have fallen. We have complained of media bias but applauded it when our side is represented. We have participated in this by either believing twisted reports or by passing on unverified stories through social media.

For the news media we pray that You would raise up a generation of truth-tellers whose interest is in reporting rather than creating news.

For the entertainment industry we pray for the success of those projects that seek to communicate truth and beauty and bring out noble thoughts rather than appeal to our basest motivations.

For the world of athletics we pray for a renewed focus on the events themselves rather than on the immoral lives of some who participate. Raise up for us role models who not only give you glory on the field of competition but who live lives that please you off that field.

Give all of us an appetite for truth and beauty as we absorb the messages all around us. Keep us from cherishing the reports that make our political rivals looks bad. Bring us to delight that in your providence you rule in the affairs of men no matter who is in power in Washington.

Ours is indeed a fallen world but we bless You that Your wrath fell on your Son for all who turn to Him. We bless You that the truth sets us free. We bless You that the hope for our nation and its media is found in better means than our own strength.

Through Jesus Christ the Lord we ask for this,

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