Haiti Bible Institute, February 13, 2015

These guys are either hanging on my words or
hanging on to 
consciousness. You make the call.
Our school space has worked out very well. The air conditioning has been pretty reliable and the hotel owner is bending over backwards to serve us even though he is overseeing a construction project that will expand his facility. He purchased data projectors to use in our two classrooms and he has his staff caring for us like we are dignitaries. Yesterday he bought a big bag of large, sweet mangoes for the faculty to enjoy. We have given Anderson (the owner) the honorary title of School Administrator.

The Seminary students (a new group this Spring) meet in a conference room and my classroom for the Associate Degree students has been temporarily converted from a fitness center. Anderson dressed up the room with a water cooler, appropriate national flags and furnishings.

A first for me: teaching from a smart phone.
I have gotten used to all the French around me. Television news anchors, hotel staff and students mostly communicate in French (mixed with a bit of Haitian Creole). I am starting to recognize when the students are talking about me--particularly when I pick out "Professeur Svendsen."

As I sit here during my break this evening I have finally finished my sweetheart's Valentine email, finished studying for two sermons at Providence and now I will prepare to speak at our HBI worship service this Sunday. Since my teaching prep is done for now, I am hoping to start dessert: reading a new book I brought.

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