Haiti Bible Institute, February 14, 2015

Scholars sweating the Hebrews exam
Happy Valentine's Day! I sent my bride a text message early this morning (a special privilege with my new cell provider) that said "Vous ĂȘtes mon amour." She did not respond yet. Hmmm.

Today was our first of two final exam days. That changed the teaching schedule and gave me time to sit on the roof in the sunshine grading tests. Last year a gust of tropical Haitian wind almost mercifully (for a few guys) swept some exams off the roof. I was more careful this year.

Some teachers do not worry that red ink may damage self esteem.
Today exam grading turned into a major score-juggling exercise. I had to show mercy to some by adjusting "weights" of parts of the grading. I was on the roof until it became too dark to see. I just finished the first lecture for my second course. I will insert some pictures of exam day and call it quits.

Watch for highlights of the always-memorable HBI worship time tomorrow.

Mountains and palm trees make grading time pleasant.

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