Haiti Bible Institute, February 21, 2014

All the comforts of home...

Our guest house, an actual hotel, is the nicest we have used since 2009 when Haiti Bible Institute began. LaPepinierre is a Petionville neighborhood and our guest house is named after that.

The armed guard is a staple here in places that might be a target for crime because of international travelers.

The building is new and has two things I have not experienced in this country before: hot water and air conditioning. Noticeably missing from the picture are mosquitos and power failures. So far the power has only been off once for just a few moments.

At the same time there are reminders all around that this is still the poorest nation in the western hemisphere. Goats, dogs, chickens and occasional pigs roam about freely. One does not need look far to find homes surrounded by piles of garbage and people living in extreme poverty.

I struggle with this contrast because I am so comfortable. I am trying to remind myself that we are trying to create a safe, undistracted environment for the pastors to get their training. I am thankful that while the orphanages we support here are far from first-world comforts they are in quiet neighborhoods behind big walls.

More on the school itself next time...

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